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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

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We have officially ushered in spring and I couldn’t be happier. Now is the best time to spruce up your home for the new season. If you are anything like me you do some spring cleaning to keep your home in tip-top shape. After you are done spring cleaning I suggest adding some decorative pieces to give your lovely abode a fresh new look for the season!

To give your space a new look don’t feel like you have to do a complete overhaul. It can be something as simple as switching out your decor to give your home a new feel. Below I’ve chosen some decorative pieces to help give you a head start.


Perfume Table Clock, Z Gallerie – Is this clock not the coolest and cutest thing you’ve seen? Add some sparkly fare with this amazing piece. I used to think Z Gallerie was a store way out of my price range but I recently discovered that they have great pieces at great prices and their sales are amazing!

Wishbone Ring Holder, TJ Maxx – News flash here. TJ Maxx now has home decor items available for purchase online! If you’re ever looking for decorative pieces to add to your home, do not leave TJ Maxx off of your list. And like I said before, you don’t have to go big here when sprucing things up. Something as simple as this ring holder is small, yet stylish and at $4.99 how could you say no?

BRANÄS Rattan Basket, Ikea – This basket is great for storing items like a throw blanket or extra pillows you may have laying around.

Decorative Mint Tray, Target – Trays are great to have to organize small items. I have one on my coffee table (picture below) and I just love it. Style yours up anyway you’d like and you’re good to go!


Meadow Pillow, TJ Maxx – Add a splash of color to your sofa or bed with this gorgeous pillow for only $20! See? TJ Maxx has great items and they cost next to nothing!

Handmade Triangle Shelf, Etsy – When I saw this on Etsy I knew I had to have it. I love a cool, unique piece like this that’s also handmade by a small business owner. I’m all about supporting the cool shops I find on Etsy.

Cut Glass Light Bulb, CB2 – You’re probably thinking, “Really Sassy Peach? A light bulb?” And my answer is, yes! This light bulb is made from cut glass which means it will give whatever room you put this in a cool, lighting effect and look how pretty is! I plan on putting this in my dressing room/area to give it a more glam feel.

Apartment Sweet Apartment Door Mat, Urban Outfitters – I have this theory that having an adorable door mat such as this one makes coming home even sweeter. Wouldn’t you agree?

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to get your home in spring fashion! Do you see anything here that you’ll be adding to your space? Feel free to tell me in the comments!

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