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5 Reasons Why Lupita Nyong’o Is Everything

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Lupita Nyong’o is currently the apple of everyone’s eye. The young actress has been cleaning up this awards season for her captivating role in “12 Years A Slave,” and it’s presumed she’ll soon be snagging an Oscar as well. I’m sure by now you’ve seen her just about everywhere and I personally have been loving it and loving her! I am definitely a fan so I came up with 5 reasons why she is everything.

1. She can slay a red carpet – When Lupita hits a red carpet all eyes are on her and rightfully so. Her style is just effortless and has garnered her spots on just about every ‘Best Dressed’ list.

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2. Her skin is flawless – I mean, just look at this picture. I’m not discounting the fact that her makeup is done for red carpets, in magazines, etc. but for the most part I’m convinced she’s been blessed with some awesome genes. That coupled with a kickass skin regimen = flawless! I’m jealous.


3. She wrote, directed and produced a documentary  Not only is Lupita an amazing actress, she’s also a talented filmmaker. Her documentary, “In My Genes” tells the stories of people living with albinism in Kenya. We’ve definitely got a multi-talented woman on our hands and I’m not mad about it at all. Check out the trailer below.

4. She’s helping change the face of beauty – With societal norms and the images of beauty we’re bombarded with everyday, I think she is helping change what is seen as beautiful. A woman that looks like Lupita is not what you would normally see in mainstream advertising and magazines. With her being in the forefront at the moment, I feel that she is truly a breath of fresh air.


5. She has Jared Leto in the palm of her hand – Now you may not be with me on this one, but have you seen the pictures of these two? (Exhibits A-Z are below) He is mesmerized and you can’t convince me otherwise. They are adorable together and I love it! And who wouldn’t want to have Jared Leto in the palm of their hand?


If I seem obsessed with her you’re probably right but I know I’m not the only one. Do you agree that Lupita is everything? Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Lupita had me at that red Calvin Klein number from the Golden Globes. I’ve been obsessed with her every since. It’s nice to see a classy, educated woman added to the Young Hollywood roster.

  2. BeaHaines


    Oh man. They would make the most gloriously beautiful babies.

  3. CJ


    Very beautiful! I was floored when I first saw her in a magazine.

  4. Love this article! When I first saw her picture, I was floored! She is definitely a beautiful woman

    • thesassypeach


      @Charmaine Thanks a lot, Charmaine!

  5. Alaia


    Haha, Jared is TOTALLY smitten.

  6. I was going to write a post like this for my blog but my fangirling has left me unable to form coherent sentences. All I have is YASSS!!! and WERK, girl!!!



    • thesassypeach


      @Patricia Yessss, you are not alone! We’re >>>here<<

  7. Nikky


    Of course I have to come here and stan for my Kenyan sister. And no, she shouldn’t have Jared Leto in the palm of her hand cos she should be having me in her palm or wherever else she likes!
    This woman has me questioning my sexual orientation. She does things to me that no human being should do to another

    • thesassypeach


      @Nikky Giiiirl, you know the feeling! And I’m cracking up at you saying she should have you in the palm of her hand lol!

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  9. Katie C


    Agreed! She is stunning! Great article!

    • thesassypeach


      Yes! And thanks Katie!

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