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What I’m Rockin’: Denim Vest + Printed Pants

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If you’re a frequent reader of The Sassy Peach then you know sharing my personal style is one of my favorite things to do here and it seems you all like it just as much as I do. It’s been a little while since I have, so here we are!


Summer is over and fall is officially here but there seem to be a couple of more days on the horizon where you can still eek out some fun with your summer pieces. Two of my faves this summer were my denim vest and bandeau tops. I just couldn’t get enough of them. Here I added two of my faves with some printed pants and nerdy specs and just like that, it’s what I’m rockin’!


Along with that, this summer I let my hair do what it wanted, which is so out of the norm for me. It seems like it was extra poofy this summer out of any other and I finally just said, “Hair, do you!” And boy did it. I wear my hair natural, but straight, I don’t rock curls, I get it blow dried and then flat ironed–no chemicals. When it got really unruly I started putting it up in a little bun or topknot and I actually liked it. Other times I just let it run wild and free like in these pics and I must say it was refreshing.


*What I’m Rockin’: Forever21 denim vest and glasses | Pay/Half bandeau and printed pants | Bakers sandals | Thrifted earrings from Randolph Street Market Festival


Have you stepped outside of your beauty or fashion routine recently? Let me know! Would love to hear it!

Photos by Chuckstr Photography


  1. Love this boho look….and also can’t help but to check out your adorable patio decor. So cute.

    • thesassypeach


      @Desiree Hey there! Thank you so much! xo

  2. I’m a sucker for prints and those pants are winning!! I love them… cute look.

    • thesassypeach


      @Six Twenty Seven – Thank you Ishea! xo

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