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Beat The Heat With a Doughnut

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Upon reading that title you’re probably thinking, “huh?!” I encourage you to stay with me. It’s scorching here in Chicago and to beat the heat I’ve been using this little hair accessory known as a “hair doughnut”. I’ve also seen it referred to as a bun maker, bun helper, and more.

It is entirely too hot to wear my hair down or even straight as I usually do. The humidity does not do wonders for my hair and it pretty much makes me look like I stuck my finger in a socket and got electrocuted. No bueno!

On a visit to State Street’s new Icing location here in Chicago (stay tuned for a post on the new store), I picked up one of these handy hair doughnuts. I am not the best person at doing my hair, or anyone else’s for that matter, so this thing helps me out tremendously. I’m able to make the perfect bun thus beating the heat and looking cute while doing doing it if I do say so myself!

The hair doughnut comes in different colors to match your hair color and also comes in a variety of sizes. I’ve been obsessed with the doughnut and my bun and have been rocking one just about everyday this summer (most recently in yesterday’s post)! I’m now eyeing the jumbo one for an even more epic bun.

Have you tried the hair doughnut or something like it? Or are you not “self-hairstylist challenged” like myself and just freestyle your own bun? What are you doing with your hair to beat the heat this summer? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. Isn’t it cool how you can now embed your Instagram pics and vids into posts? The more you know!

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