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This past Thursday I attended a VIP sneak preview at one of Chicago’s new Ross (aka Ross Dress for Less) stores. They officially opened 12 locations in Chicago on Saturday, so if you have not yet been hopefully this post will push you to check it out.

The evening started with receiving a Ross shopping bag along with a $50 gift card for us to indulge with! After mingling with fellow guests we were split up into small groups and given personal tours of the store. We were able to see all that Ross has to offer such as men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing, housewares, handbags and shoes just to name a few. All of Ross’ merchandise are 20-60% off department store prices. I’m happy to report that you will find the trusted name brands that you love and even more you will love the prices!

Once our tours were over we were unleashed to score our own finds. I, along with just about every other woman in attendance, bee-lined it right over to shoes and pretty much spent most of my time there. I finally made my way out of the wonderful world of shoes and began to explore the rest of the store. If you’ve never been to a Ross (just like I hadn’t), I would compare it to a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, 2 of my other favorite places to shop. I can definitely add Ross to that list now with the great stuff I found and their unbeatable prices.

As a Stylist I’m always on the ready to help anyone out (including you, my awesome readers) with style advice and I was able to do just that while in Ross. Mary Walter, VP of Ross stores, was at the preview and asked my advice on what she should wear for her morning news TV appearance in Rockford. I ultimately chose a cobalt blue  jacket with an attached black belt and a black pencil skirt.

Cobalt blue is great to add as a pop of color to your fall wardrobe. A lot of times when we think of a fall palette we think of neutrals, gray, tan, black and for color burnt orange, which are all great, but cobalt blue can add something unexpected and will look great! See the look I chose for Mary for her appearance here!

Before long it was time to head home and my goodies and I made our way to the registers. I picked up 3 pairs of shoes, some killer red pumps, and 2 pairs of boots. I had been looking for a pair of brown combat boots and was so glad I came across this pair. They’re lined with fur which is perfect for the approaching cold Chicago weather. I also got a pink and zebra print traveling case–so cute! Figured I’d use it as part of my Stylist’s kit when I do photo shoots. I definitely feel like I scored some major deals and will be making Ross a regular stop when I shop. I highly suggest you check them out!

Have you ever shopped at a Ross store? What are your thoughts? Will you check them out? Let me know in the comments–let’s discuss!

To see the full list of the new 12 locations in Chicago, head on over to The Sassy Peach Facebook page. Also check out Ross’ website and Facebook page to learn more about them.

Thank you so much to Ross and their wonderful team, Brittany for the invitation and Mary Walter for trusting my expertise to style you!


  1. Claresa

    October 13, 2011 at 11:06 am

    I absolutely LOVE Ross! I always check to see if one is nearby when I travel South or West. Ross is very similar to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but their dresses seem less expensive!

    I keep hearing about DDS which is a similar store, but I think they’re primarily in the Southwest region.

    • thesassypeach

      October 24, 2011 at 1:04 pm

      I think I’ve heard of DDS too but have never been to one. That’s also just a really strange name for a store. They should really re-think that lol!

  2. NolaDivine

    October 21, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    I was just browsing in Ross yesterday!! Unfortunately, the location here in Mobile doesn’t seem to be as nice as the new one that just opened in Chicago. But it definitely remains on my shopping list. I agree that it reminds me of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Someone told me recently that TJ Maxx is better for clothes; while Marshall’s has better shoes. Sounds about right to me! What do you think?

    • thesassypeach

      October 24, 2011 at 1:02 pm

      Hmmm….I never thought about which one was better for what, but now that I think about what I’ve gotten at each, I think that’s correct! Whenever you visit Chicago again definitely go the Ross locations here.

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