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Topshop Chicago Grand Opening

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Well the day has come and Topshop Chicago finally opened! It is the UK retailer’s second US location (the first being in NY) and it is truly fantastic.

Today they kicked things off with handing out tote bags and cookies and then a runway show with the latest threads they have in store. Brittany Payton of local TV show Chicago’s Best, was the event hostess and she did a great job. She interviewed eager shoppers in line, did 2 fierce wardrobe changes and even summoned a countdown from the crowd right before the doors officially opened.

Once those doors opened it was a free-for-all! People went everywhere and I snapped pics here and there to capture the excitement. The store has a lot to offer and there is something for everyone in my opinion. If you’re looking for sexy/flirty, it’s there. If you’re looking for glam rocker, it’s there. If you’re looking for bold/crazy it’s there. They’ve got it all!

The shoe section is probably my favorite part of the store. Shoe heaven indeed! From the vast selection to the pink chairs and plush carpeting–you’ll love it all. Fellas, you definitely were not left out in the cold. The entire top floor is dedicated to Topman and I have to say it definitely delivers. Casual, sporty, loads of boots and dress shoes, suits, you name it’s up there.

Host, Brittany Payton

There is certainly a fun, upbeat vibe to the store that will keep you going. While there I was informed that a DJ spins there Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I don’t know any other store in Chicago that does that!

As far as pricing goes, I still think it’s kind of high. It’s not exactly Forever 21 prices and it’s not quite H&M prices either. I would say the pricing is more along the lines of Zara. But not too bad still. You can still achieve great looks by mixing high and low priced items without having to worry about horrible quality.

All in all I think it’s a great addition to not only Michigan Ave. but to Chicago as a whole. Definitely go check it out and see it for yourself*. Tonight will be a great night since it’s Fashion’s Night Out! There will be several DJs, beauty makeovers, goodies for spending over a certain amount and much, much more. See a lot more pics of the new Topshop on The Sassy Peach Facebook page! “Like” the page and check them out! Also tell me what you think of the new Topshop here in the comments or over on Facebook!


*Topshop Chicago is located at 830 N. Michigan Ave. directly across from Water Tower Place.

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